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On any adventure, you must face each challenge using only the skills that you have mastered. Arcadia is a collection of games that share a common profile. Instead of creating a character for each new world, you can just play as yourself. With each new experience your profile grows, and you with it.


Your Guide to Everything

Improve your skills in 90 topics ranging from Biology to Engineering. This crowd-sourced quiz games taps the knowledge of everyone who plays to improve the pool of questions.

Explore the Wilderness

An action-adventure RPG set in the wild frontier of the pacific northwest far in the future. It's up to you and a small comunity to catalogue the region's plants and fauna while rebuilding civilization.

Play Sheet Music

In this game you are presented with 8 notes in a row. Your goal is to play each note in order, and then repeat it. Each round adds another key to the arrangement.

The Game of Musical Memory

Learn to read sheet music one note at a time. If you can memorize 3 notes in a row, you can memorize 4. Unlock all the notes from Bass to Treble.

Hear a Pitch, Play the Pitch Back

If you have a difficult time telling notes apart, this is where to practice. You are played a note and must determine which key on the keyboard it goes with.

More to Come

Arcadia games are funded through donations from players like you. Although tokens are easily earned through play, they can be purchased as a means of support.

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